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Frequently Asked Question

What devices/OS are supported?

Currently, only iOS devices with iOS 14 and upwards are supported.

Will there be an android version in the future?

For the moment I, unfortunately, have no plans to port the app to android. But if the app gains enough popularity, there is a good chance I will be able to invest the time and resources into the development for android as well.

How do I import cards?

  1. Take a screenshot of your cards in Mario Kart Tour
  2. Tap the plus icon in the bottom left corner (you might have to open the menu)
  3. Again Tap the plus icon
  4. Choose all the screenshots you would like to import
  5. The app will now scan all the images and saves them to your database
  6. If the scanner has troubles with the card it will be indicated by an orange exclamation mark. → Tap on the card and check/enter/correct the values and hit save

Why do I get an import error (orange exclamation mark)?

Unfortunately, the text recognition provided by Apple has some problems with the Mario Kart Tour font and sometimes doesn't recognizes some numbers. I created an algorithm that tries to calculate the missing values and will improve this algorithm as time goes by. But in some cases, the algorithm cannot be 100% certain if the value is correct. In those cases, the app prompts you to check the values in question by

  1. indicating the card with an orange exclamation mark and
  2. coloring the value in orange.

You can then tap on the card and check the values that were found/calculated.

A very common example for this are most level 1 high ends. The scanner does not recognize the "1" in "LV 1"

If you find a card that has missing or wrong values you can send me the original MKT screenshot (the one you imported into the app) and I will try to improve the algorithm even further. All screenshots can be sent to [email protected]

<aside> ⚠️ As a small disclaimer: It is not always possible to improve the algorithm, so don't bother sending a screenshot again if it still has issues after an update.